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Welcome to Cynthia Terwilliger's journeys, insights, and experiences

Be a Foothills Naturalist

ThreeWeek Course

Offered through Polk Center Isothermal Community College. Registration fee. Call 828-894-3092 to register. Next class starts June 12 -June26. Wednesday mornings 10-:00am 1:00pm.

Become an Enthusiast of Nature

Learn from certified Master Naturalist, Cynthia Terwilliger. Each session will cover a single broad topic and involve a multimedia lecture and an outdoor activity within the Foothills.Topics covered include Appalachian geology, trees, wildflowers, birds, mushrooms, rivers and waterfalls ... and more depending on what we see.


Resources for the class are many. Most of them are outside experiencing nature. But there are some virtual opportunities , too. Here are some available through the internet.

Late Spring Sessions

Mosses, and Lichens

Late Spring Flowers