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Welcome to Cynthia Terwilliger's journeys, insights, and experiences

What I See


  • I have been photographing since 1969. My favorite things to capture are in nature. Here are some samplings of things I see.  [link not active yet]

Watercolor and Drawings

  • I became interested in trying to capture my feelings toward landscapes and nature in watercolor and drawing. Here are some samplings of things I've created.  [link not active yet]

My Town of Tryon

  • I live in the southern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here are some things I see and do in my little town and environs. [link not active yet]

World Travels

  • I have a passion for travel and have purposely chosen to travel in Europe recently. Here are some impressions of Iceland, Ireland and Spain.  [link not active yet] 

Southern Appalachian Field Trips

  • I spend hours and hours traversing the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Here are some impressions from these little pilgrimages. [link not active yet]


  • Everything hinges around family - those who have come before and those who will come after. Here are somethings I know about mine. [link not active yet]